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Anytime you tie your horse with a knot you’re taking a chance that he might pull back and cause injury to himself, people and property damage. This handy, patented, pocket-sized product is faster, easier and safer then tying a knot.

Here is how it works:   

Wrap the rope around any tie site you normally would choose;

Tree, x-tie, trailer ring, pole etc.  

Tie Ease fits naturally in one hand.  Then place the ropes inside and squeeze firmly. 


12-Click Tension settings: 

With 12 pressure clicks, select the one that makes the pull-back difficult. Test this pressure by pulling the rope through Tie Ease.  The first 1 or two clicks may be loose enough to train a young horse but not enough pressure to train an older problem pull-back horse.  By simply squeezing a few more pressure clicks solves the problem by applying extra poll pressure… making it irritating for the horse. Instant relief is given as
they give up and stop pulling. They soon learn that pulling back is not fun and refuse to move.


Easy To Use Multi-Tie Configurations: 

To regulate the length of the pull-back or tie hard and fast without tying a knot, place the free side rope through the hole created the two ropes and Tie Ease.  The pulling force slides Tie Ease up to the tie site and stops rope from moving.

To make Tie Ease handy for the next use, clamp it back on the rope at the desired tying length or slide it back up to the halter tie ring.

It works on all size ropes, materials and stiffness.

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